You might know me as Cecilia, the photographer. But now I want to introduce Cecilia, the woman that happily wears many hats.


 You might know me as Cecilia, the photographer. But now I want to introduce Cecilia, the woman that happily wears many hats. When you’re looking for a photographer, you might choose someone for their art, or cause you like their work. But if you’re here reading this then you must know, you’re not just hiring someone who knows a lot about taking pictures– you’re welcoming in a new friend. You’re picking someone who genuinely cares about the little details and wants to document your real, authentic chaos. Life is beautiful and constantly changing, so I strive to create an experience that will be unique and tailored to fit whatever stage of life you are in. From my corner of New York, to any and all places across the world– I’m looking forward to getting to know you, and seeing how I fit into your journey!

Family means the world to me, and that includes being a proud mom to my furbabes. Even more so, I find it pretty dang cool that I'm married to my very best friend, and that our unique love story allows me to connect with my clients on a relatable level. Dyl and I are living proof that love can be found anywhere, even when it starts with a swipe right. Our journey together has had it's challenges, but when you look at the little things, it's been nothing short of incredible.


Country legends, cowgirl hats + fringe– what's not to love about this city? Nashville is a buzzing city full of artists, creatives and those coming to experience all that a honky tonk has to offer. (Karaoke anyone?) It also happens to be one of my favorite places to visit and photograph. If you’ve got a love for country music, Dolly Parton or neon signs, we may have a lot in common.



I mean, have you heard of a better combination? But really, as a fellow foodie and italian– nothing speaks to my heart more than a good brick oven pizza and an ice cold Diet Coke. So if you ever wanna bring a snack to your session?? Please know the answer will always be yes.


Ed Sheeran Nothing puts me in my feelings more than seeing a live concert, especially someone as talented as Ed Sheeran. Like c’mon who doesn’t love a Brit?? I’ve had the absolute pleasure of witnessing his magic in person, and everytime I’m blown away by his passion for performing. It’s special watching someone put their heart into something they love, it’s something I can really relate too. 

Football Team: Buffalo Bills

Hey ey ey ey ey– need I say more? Growing up in a football family and knowing what a touchdown was before I could walk– really set me up to love the game. We root for Buffalo in this household and take Football Sunday very religiously. GO BILLS. 

My favorites

weddings completed

“Find out who you are, and do it on purpose.” So right now I’m killing it in my wife & dog mom era, happily planning my next adventure outta here (any Enneagram 7’s out there?) and embracing the waves of life as a woman, and small biz owner in her late twenties. My journey so far has proven to be a series of crazy events, but the constant has always been photography. I can’t remember a time in my life that I wasn’t running around with a camera– family functions, road trips, high school drama club and then eventually crime scenes after college. I eventually realized that documenting living humans (compared to someone un-alive) is a lot more fun to capture, so I made the necessary career jump back in 2019 and never looked back. Taking pictures has always been a part of who I am– (I kinda knew the 9 to 5 wasn’t going to be it for me) and now I get to see the world, sharing this passion with all of you. I think that’s pretty damn cool. My art is something I’m still growing and learning from, so there will always be room for creativity. Life is short babes, take the pictures. 


years as a full time photographer


years married to the love of my life




In the words of the fabulous Dolly Parton,

how little we need to

feel happy and alive.